Sulémahí Meditation Arts

Meditation in itself is a mindful practise which can take place in many activities during our day. Sometimes we need quiet reflection, other times a more active alignment through the body-mind experience. We use various techniques like mantra or music, simple breath-work, walking in Nature, guided meditations and engagement with the visual arts and journalling.  

Anna Dixon teaches Meditation and Mindfulness in a practical way which caters for our ever changing needs. With over 40 years personal practise she has discovered many modalities to suit  individual needs. Incorporating the use of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) along with Therapeutic Arts she teaches The Arts of Meditation with a person centred approach. Anna encourages her students of all ages to explore the many paths of self-realisation in order to find what really works for them. Meditation and Mindfulness is a lifelong practice and an art which she believes needs to be taught to everyone as an everyday life skill. 

Occasional workshops will be made available in Claremorris Natural Therapy Centre at Ahena Organic Farm.. see our FB page for upcoming dates. Anna also teaches an 8 Week Meditation & Mindfulness Course with MSLETB Adult Education in Davitt College, Castlebar (see MSLETB adult education programmes notifications at beginning of school terms)

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