Art of Anna O. Dixon

Anna O. is a Visual Artist and Fine Art Graduate of The Centre for Creative Arts and Media @ GMIT, Galway. #artannao

Medium: Painting and Mixed Media

Artist Statement 

My visual work is inspired by the multi-cultural symbolism of natural healing systems. My intention is to incorporate studies of many indigenous healing philosophies with power symbols using mixed media applications and traditional painting techniques worked into low relief textural surfaces. I like both the process and the result to be a self-reflective and somewhat tangible experience. The work I am completing at present is primarily based on my own interpretations of some post-graduate studies and personal meditative experiences. It is a loose reflection of the therapeutic aspect of the making of Art itself and also explorative exercises in active intuition leading to visual representations of moments in more heightened states of awareness .

I have always been deeply fascinated by the paradox between the complexity and simplicity of understanding in the metaphysical philosophies. Dream imagery provides the necessary platform for these explorations which I believe lie innately coded in our Ancestral DNA, our inherited memories of a completly natural and ecological healing system within. I further believe that societies growing disconnection from Nature had perpetuated a global decline in mental and emotional wellbeing, at least in the first world. Reconnecting with Nature (inside and out) results in the merging of a rhythm or frequency which resonates fully with Body, Mind and Soul simultaneously.

I am dedicated to life long learning and am currently pursuing a post graduate Doctorate /PhD programme of study with The International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine (IQUIM) in Natural and Integrative Medicine. I work mostly from my studio at Ahena Organic Farm near Claremorris, Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland.

The series of paintings ‘ Mahí ’ which I began in 2016 is inspired by my Spirit Guide(s) connected to my mothers bloodline, the Saami peoples (indigenous people of Lapland) from the Northern Swedish area. A deeper connection to ‘Mahí’ or Mother Divine is the intended focus, process and desired outcome of my studies and work combined. 

Anna is a part-time Teacher with Mayo Educational Training Board (MSLETB) and runs private workshops & classes in both Art and Mindfulness. She is also working in the field of Natural Medicine as a professional Acupuncturist (TCMCI/ACI) and has been meditating daily for more than 20 years. 

Email:     Instagram/FB: # artannao

Mixed Media on Paper Mould, 30cm X 40cm.
Mixed Media on Canvas Board, 10cm X 10cm.
Mixed Media on Canvas Board, 13cmx18cm.

“The making of any piece of Art is a deeply personal and mediative process, especially when one allows uninhibited attention to expand into the awakening consciousness. This is how we come to know our own Truth. (Anna O.)“.

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