Art Anna O. Dixon

Anna O. is a Fine Art Graduate of The Centre for Creative Arts and Media @ GMIT, Galway.

Mediums Used: Painting, Print Making and Mixed Media.

Bio / Artists Statement

My visual work is inspired by both ancient symbolism and mother nature. My intention is to incorporate the study of many indigenous healing philosophies with cultural power symbols by using mixed media applications and traditional painting techniques worked into textured low relief surfaces. I like both the process and the result to be a reflective and tangible experience. My work is primarily based on the interpretation and understanding of my own experiences, a loose reflection on the therapeutic aspect of the making of Art itself and an explorative exercise of active intuition leading to a state of open awareness .

Currently a post graduate student of The International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine (IQUIM), pursuing a Doctorate /PhD programme in Natural and Integrative Medicine. The Visual aspect of my work is the groundwork for an exploration into the untapped information within our Ancestors natural healing systems.

Mixed Media on Paper Mould, 30cm X 40cm.
Mixed Media on Canvas Board, 10cm X 10cm.
Mixed Media on Canvas Board, 13cmx18cm.

“The making of any piece of Art is a deeply personal and mediative process, especially when one allows uninhibited attention to expand into the awakening consciousness. This is how we come to know our own Truth. (Anna O.)“.

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