Sulémahí Meditation Arts

Sulémahi Meditation Arts :Long Cover

The Art of Mindful Living employs some simple strategies and wonderful grounding techniques for the management of modern day stress…

Oliver & Anna Dixon are trained professionals in the Art of Stress Management  in their chosen fields of natural health care. Anna facilitates the  Meditation & Mindfulness Classes in blocks of 8 weeks throughout the year. Each 2 hour class includes a mix of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy /MBCT Instruction, Some Simple Mantras, Visualisation, Breathing Exercises, Quantum Meditations as well as Personalised Dharma Art exercises.

Set Mindfulness Themed Classes will be run separately and are designed for further exploration of self. Using an integration of many ancient & modern philosophies with some CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) exercises these classes are for persons who are looking for more process in personal development which are only very lightly touched on in our regular class. Mindfulness also teaches a person the basics of meditation but uses many different variations including guided meditation to achieve its goals.

Anna O. Dixon has over 40 years experience of personal daily meditation. She is trained in many modalities and draws from practical experience to help her students get a strong practice that will suit their individual needs. She uses many Art forms to facilate the practice the Art of Meditation & Mindfulness in her day to day living. (personal inquiries to: )

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