Sulémahí Meditation Arts

 Sulémahi Meditation Arts :Long Cover

The Art of Mindful Living is the becoming a bit of a buzz term for the modern day management of stress…

Oliver & Anna Dixon are trained professionals in the Art of Stress Management  in their chosen fields of natural health care. We teach a Meditation & Mindfulness Class on Monday evenings at 8 pm throughout the year, this includes Mantras, Visualisation, Breathing Exercises, Quantum Meditations & Mindfulness as well as the Visual Arts.

Set Mindfulness Themed Classes will be run separately and are designed for further exploration of self. Using an integration of many ancient & modern philosophies with some CBT (Cognitive-Behaviour-Therapy) exercises these classes are for persons who are looking for more process in personal development which are only very lightly touched on in our regular class. Mindfulness also teaches a person the basics of meditation but use many different variations including guided meditation to achieve its goals.

Please see our bespoke FB page for updates and workshops:

Sulémahí Meditation Arts

Anna O. Dixon has a 40 years experience of personal daily meditation. She is trained in many modalities and draws from practical experience to help her students get a strong practice that will suit their individual needs. She uses many Art forms to practice the Art of Meditation & Mindfulness in her day to day living.

E flows where attention goes


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