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Claremorris Natural Therapy Centre is situated on Ahena Organic Farm. For information about the therapeutic services both Oliver and Anna Dixon offer please see tab: https://ahenaorganicfarm.com/claremorris-natural-therapy-centre/ 

We offer a Social Farming service in conjunction with Social Farming Ireland SoFI. Social Farming days are usually Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Contact Oliver for more info.

Anna Dixon is an accomplished Artist with a working studio at Ahena Organic Farm. See individual tab for more info.

What is.. Quantum Healing and BioFeedback in Lay-Mans Terms ?

A Quantum World View

In recent times we have all become alot more aware of the numerous possibilities we have in the managment of our own health and well-being. Gyms, Yoga Classes, Spa Weekends, De-Tox Teas etc.. are not only recommended by our main stream health professionals but are part of a weekly routine for  many people in their day to day managment of stress and required energy levels. People are wisely turning  to Meditation, Mindfulness, Organic Foods and/or Therapy for comfort, solace and peace of mind. 


Has Time itself speeded up or is it our perception that has changed?  Or, is it the growing Stress of modern living that has caused growing a need to find some other kind of  Peace & Relaxation ? 

A new movement of Consciousness is in full swing and gathering huge momentum on the ground and on in cyber space (ie. the internet). Sometimes referred to as a Quantum World View – groups of people are coming together in peaceful meditations and humanatarian inititives world-wide. 

Quantum View = Downward Causation = Energy forms Matter

Stephen Hawkins, Albert Einstein & Nichola Tesla are some famous names synonymous with the Quantum World. These people were and are some of the biggest visionaries of our 21st Century but are being joind by many other Visionaries, Healers & Meditators worldwide in the creation of a new platform which ecourages a paradigm shift towards enlightenment.

The concept of Quantum Leaping or Quantum Jumping is popular amongst business and financial coaching. It is a process by which you create an alternative reality and literally take a quantum leap of faith. In fact, it is just an advanced form of creativity. If you have read ‘The Secret’ you will discover it is a form of self-hypnosis: the steps of creation fall in a spiritual order.

Steps for ‘The Not So Secret Creation Process’ 

1. You must create a core belief (a personal high-end goal)

2. You align all of your desire, emotion and highest Self with it.

3. You examine where your full attention is on the goal by examining all of your obstacles to its possible achievement (doubts you believe are real and you feel you don’t have control over in the planning of the outcome)

4. If your desire is greater than the battle against the potential obstacles, you write your High-End Goal down and create a vision board.

5. Start disqualifying your doubts of a successful outcome by focusing on giving energy to the positive thoughts.

6. You anchor your goal in quantum space and feed your visual imagination until you no longer feel, see or doubt the possibility of a successful outcome.

7.‘The Secret’ is… to let it go and trust that it will happen, that part you must do in the present ie. NOW !

So, what is The Quantum World View for the lay-man/woman ? (1) It is knowing we own the ability to choose another outlook on Life. (2) It is feeling the freedom to explore possibilities beyond our own self-limiting beliefs. (3) It is feeling the freedom to question everything that comes our way. (4) It is also the decision to choose and act to live comfortably with our Creative-Self.( 5) It is… Freedom in a Nut-Shell.

Biofeedback is the process of gaining greater awareness of many physiological functions primarily using instruments that provide information on the activity of those same systems, with a goal of being able to manipulate them at will.  Some of the processes that can be controlled include brainwaves, muscle stimulation, heart rate, and pain, perception. In biofeedback, you are connected to electrical sensors that help you receive information (feedback) about your body (bio).. Definition sourced from Wikipedia (2019)

Biofeedback may be used to improve health, performance, and the physiological changes that often occur in conjunction with changes to thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Eventually, these changes may be maintained without the use of extra equipment, for no equipment is necessarily required to practice biofeedback as in the practice of Kinesiology.

Quantum BioFeedback is one of the most solid and advanced biofeedback systems I have come across to date. The BioFeedback hardware has been applied to a quantum model software programme and is most commonly known as a Scientific Consciousness Interface Operator SCIO. The software programme is updated frequently and holds many Naturopathic Modalities in its application processes. SCIO software is an interactive programme, meaning.. the Practitioner may engage with the Client and Biofeedback software simultaneously, thereby applying the functions manually as well as digitally. A Volumetric Rubber Headband, Wrist and Ankle Straps are attached to the Client which is connected to the SCIO Hardware device and computer. It is very gentle process which usually includes engagement of an educational dialog between the Client and BioFeedback Practitioner.

It coordinates a complex electro modal, biofeedback program with computer software in order to gather bioenergetic information from a client’s subconscious. The information is gathered from the body through electrodes in head and limb straps providing an accurate and precise picture of the client’s general status. This information is selected and listed by the SCIO in order of the highest reaction and the stressors are analyzed in the course of a stress management session. while unhealthy tissues will conduct pulses differently, producing different readings. Traumatized, inflamed or degenerative tissue all produce different readings compared to the client’s baseline norm. Thus in the cybernetic loop, the SCIO measures the body electric and produces feedback for wound healing, pain reduction, relaxation and stress reduction through electrical stimulation. Electro-Acupuncture is just one of the many SCIO applications we use along with the other CAM programmes which provide suggestions for Complex- Homeopathic Remedies and Nutritional Supplementation.

Cybernetic Sub-Space + Bio-Energetic Information = SCIO

FYI.. Many, perhaps most biofeedback systems have become automated, refined and require less and less training to operate its systems. SCIO does require a significant amount of training to operate the system to its maximum potential and is particularily suited to Naturopathic Practitioners.

Written By: Anna Dixon. Lic. Ac. BioFeedback Practitioner, Doctorate Student of Natural & Integrative Medicine at IQUIM. 2019. ahenaorganicfarm@gmail.com

What is.. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Lay-Mans Terms?

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


An entire system of ancient classical Chinese medicine which includes Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Tunia Massage, Acupressure, Qi Gong, Chinese Herbal Medicine, & Dietary Advice.

In Ireland and most European countries a fully accredited and licensed Acupuncturist will have undergone a minimum of 3 years training along with many hours of clinical supervision. An Acupuncturist will usually uphold professional membership with a reputable body or association eg. The Acupuncture Council of Ireland ACI or The Traditional Chinese Medical Council of Ireland TCMCI who require annual courses in continuing professional development CPDs and adherence to a strict set of professional conduct and guidelines. Acupuncture & TCM come under the category of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

A general consultation includes…

A TCM  assessment is usually taken on the first visit which involves a fairly in-dept inquiry of the clients state of health at that time including their past medical history. Also required are details of any medications, GP’s Name, Consultants diagnostics, other medical or CAM programmes the client may be undergoing. A first session may take up to an hour and a half but follow up sessions usually take around about an hour to complete.

The Acupuncturist will conclude the inquiry with a precription based combination of acupuncture points to use. The number of needles vary from person to person but may be in the range of 3 to 21 in any one session for constiutional work. Extra needling may be required for pain relief and is sometimes coupled with a TENS machine for deep physical therapy (some call it dry-needling). 

In many cases the Acupuncturist (TCM Practitioner) will advise on optional TCM therapies as sessions progress. TCM may include the use of certain herbal formulas, dietary adjustments and exercise routines. A general plan of treatment is usually discussed on that first consultation.

Acupuncture and TCM are widely used in treatments for Pain Management, Fertility, Chronic Fatigue, Muscular and Joint Regeneration, Digestive Disorders, Post-Natal, Migraine, Immune Related Disorders, PMS, Sleep Disorders, Anxiety, and Depression etc…  It is used in many countries as a main system of complimentary medicine and available in the local medical centre alongside physio-therapists and psychotherapists.

The main therotical forms of TCM used here in the West are Eight Principles and Five Elements which is a breakdown of the Yin and Yang principles of balance. Energy flows through the body in the forms of Blood, Qi and Bodily Fluids. TCM examines the ever changing conditions in the pathways (Meridians) of this energy flow to determine where there may be imbalance or obstruction which lead to disease, both chronic and acute. The use of Acupuncture and other TCM modalities work together to unblock and correct the flow of this vital life-force energy in the meridians. Meridians are the electrical pathways leading to and from the vital (Zang/Fu) organs of the body.

The assessment of Yin/Yang balance is quite scientific in terms of mathematical sequences, quantum physics  and may be extended to calculate more intricate conditions in people, animals and even in environmental souroundings as in Feng Shui.

Acupuncture Needling

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine surgical steel needles into strategic points located in & on the body electric. Needle-Free Acupuncture is also widely available now using computerised electro-acupuncture, acu-pens and soft laser light probes. Acupuncture is relatively painless but may occasionally feel a little like a very slight pinch or tiny electric spark. Each Client is viewed on their own merits and presents the Acupuncturist with a unique picture. During a session the Client usually lies down on a plinth or comfy chair, a prescription of acupuncture points are decided and applied to various parts of the body and left in for 20-40 minutes. The Client usually reports feeling a relaxed sensation after a few moments. Other TCM techniques may be also be applied simultaneously. 

Moxibustion (aka. Moxa) is a technique used by most Acupuncturists which is the burning of the moxa herb over certain acupuncture points. It is for warming and tonifying where there is cold and weakness in the body..

Cupping is the application of suction cups onto areas of the body which need some extra circulation of blood, qi and body fluids. This is a technique which can also be coupled with massage into an area of the body where there is deep stagnation and pain.

Tunia is a fairly vigorous type of Chinese massage designed to awaken Qi and move stagnant patterns of energy in the body. Light Tunia is often used to help relax and open the meridian channels.

Acupressure is the manual stimulation of certain Acupuncture points on the skin or scalp. The main acupressure points on the body are often referred to as major plexus and alarm points. Cross-overs with Reflexology and Shiatzu.

Qi Gong is a series of physical and breathing exercise routines which when practiced properly gently opens all the energy meridians of the body. This is a practice which brings and maintains a state of balance in body, mind and spirit. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the ancient art of prescribing a mix of natural herbs and organic substances by diagnosing the subtle excesses and deficiencies in a Clients constitution. A full herbal pharmacy is not the norm here in the West where many Practitioners rely solely on pharmaceutical grade prepared tinctures, compressed tablets and capsules whose combinations are designed on the same principles of TCM diagnostics and therapeutics. Herbal preparations are prescribed for both acute and chronic conditions of body, mind and spirit.

Dietary Advice is also necessary to rebalance the entire Yin/Yang principle in the body. The digestive system is an integral part of the Chinese system of diagnostics. Foods and beverages are analysed and prescribed largely on the basis of creating a better balance within the five elements system. Food and beverage are looked at in a constitutional context.

Written By: Anna Dixon Lic. Ac. M.ACI/TCMCI. ahenaorganicfarm@gmail.com

What is… Psychotherapy /Counselling in Lay-Mans Terms?


The focus of work in this area is in Mental and (sometimes) Emotional Wellbeing. I am writing this blog from a Natural & Integrative Practitioners point of view (i.e. kind of known as a Complimentary & Alternative Medicine /CAM Practitioner here in Ireland). There are many so variations within the sector of CAM that it literally mind boggling, excusing the pun..  I will try to define the specefic areas of expertise to the best of my ability but please be aware that many sub-catagories have cross-overs. I will begin by defining the main terms as follows the way I understand them to function:

Psychotherapy is non-directive. It is Humanistic and Integrative by nature. The work involves a period of time to explore unexpressed emotion which may lay deeply hidden in the unconscious. This work has long term benefits because the client works at exploring thier own beliefs / core- beliefs which may no longer serve them as adults. A body of work may take anywhere from 6 weeks to some years depending on the nature of the person and issues involved. It had been described as ‘deep sea diving’ and not snorkling.

Counselling may be directive including an advisory service, eg. Career Guidance Counselling. Some counsellors may also be trained in psychotherapy and work on the deeper emotional issues but most work in the area of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT. 

Psychology is the understanding of the thought process, more theory based and less experiential. Psychologists are trained to analyse and assess behaviour patterns, many specialise in different fields eg. Educational Psychology..

Psychiatry is a specialised area of training for medical doctors. Psychiatrists may diagnose mental illness, prescribe medication and refer Patients for specialised types of treatments. This is not a CAM area but I have so often been asked what is the difference between the above mentioned that I have included it here.

Mental and emotional well-being is necessary for good health. It had been well proven and documented over the past number of years how ‘stress’ has such a detrimental effect on our immune system, cardiovascular system, digestive system to name but a few. How we learn to deal with stress is dependant largly on our upbringing. Our core beliefs perhaps have us believe that we are invincible like when we were kids, or, we are unable to digest stress enough to experience it directly. Whatever the reason, stress most often results from from some unresolved trauma(s). Nearly all Therapists will agree that unresolved trauma results in unconscious drama playing out in life. Many people tell me that they just cant work out why they feel so stressed and when it actually started. Why does one person experience similar circumstances so differently to another? We are all unique in how we experience the world and life itself, so, doesn’t it give to say that we need to give time to know our own blue-print  if we would like to make lasting changes to it ! Losing touch with how we are actually feeling is just a symptom of accumulating stress in the body-mind.

Trauma (defin.) a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.

Uncomfortable emotions like fear, guilt and shame often disguise themselves in addictive behaviours, being too busy, excessive outbursts of anger etc.. As time goes by we may forget how to feel relaxed, to feel good in our day to day and get caught up in our busy minds, thinking, thinking, thinking… In fact, stress itself is acumulative, often built up over a lifetime. 


A good Psychotherapist / Counsellor will have the tools to help unwind and re-educate a client, slowly guiding the client into healthy thought patterns. These life-skills should serve the client well beyond the session and be adaptable to daily adult life. Many young persons also seek help with mental and emotional wellbeing, often requiring only a few sessions to establish good thinking habits. Adults often take a while longer to work through stubborn belief systems which may have carried them through a long period of survival. Relationships with Parents, Siblings, Partners and Children are often improved with time, good therapy will teach the client how to adapt these new ways of feeling, thinking and being into everyday life. Letting go of old ways can be challenging but the rewards are priceless with a real sense of self-worth and empowerment which follows into the future.

It is worth noting that every persons’ own sense of mental and emotional well-being is subject to an ebb and flow in Life itself. However when it is persistently challenged it is worth considering support with a suitable Therapist. Looking for a well qualified person in your chosen field of therapy requires a little searching on the internet, a couple of phone-calls and a sense of adventure. Bottom Line: Don’t keep bottling up unhealthy emotions, ask questions, talk to someone (or a few people) until you get the idea and impulse to meet with a Therapist that feels right for you !

5 Types of Talk Therapy

  1. Psychoanalysis and Psycho-Dynamic Therapies 

Explores the unconscious motivation and meaning to thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

2. Behaviour Therapy

Explores triggers and methods of managing behaviour eg. anger management.

3. Cognitive Therapy

Addresses patterns of thinking with intention of active change.

4. Humanistic

Encourages self-awareness and choice including an understanding of human emotions.

5. Integrative / Holistic

Encourages practical awareness and encompasses choice theory. eg. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT or Transpersonal Therapy

Some Variations and Specialised Areas

  • Inner Child Work
  • Addiction and Recovery
  • Couples Therapy
  • Anger Management
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT
  • Family Therapy
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD
  • Phobias
  • Children and Adolescent Therapy
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction MBSR
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Sexual Abuse and Recovery
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Shamanic Counselling
  • Hakomi Therapy
  • Jungian Psychotherapy

Family Systems is a very specialised area which encompasses a transpersonal awarness of the group  participants. The family constellation(s) are enacted through repositioning  of self  and the client is reorganised into a more functional role within the family system. Very deep and profound work with long lasting benefits.

Hypnotherapy is a technique used to relax the conscious mind state so much that one can access the unconscious mind. It is sometimes used to unhook hidden fears, phobias and addictions as well as influencing the mind with helpful though patterns. It is important to note that hypnotherapy is no substitute or quick-fix for long standing issues which I believe requires a period of regular Psychotherapy which allows a Client time for processing the emotional transitions which occur in changing behaviours with thought patterns.

Art Therapy is used for all age groups either as a stand alone therapy or may be incorporated in a deeper body of work with a Psychotherapist or Transpersonal Therapist. Many Jungian Psychotherapists use Art Therapy to access non-verbal expression. Many highly creative people will find Art Therapy of huge benefit along with some talk therapy.

ARTS Therapies: Play Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, Drama Therapy & Art Therapy

Mainly used for therapy with children and young adults, but also with adults in private settings. These therapeutic areas are widely used in hospitals as well as schools for people with extra sensory and intellectual needs. Arts Therapists work very sensitively by encouraging expression of feelings in a suitable format with people with PTSD and other special needs. Many people may or may not be able to express thoughts and emotions through words alone and adopt an artistic form of expression to help process and balance the non-logical and emotional mind.

Written By: Anna Dixon. ahenaorganicfarm@gmail.com

Home Page

Farming is our way of life but we are dedicated to lifelong learning and so we include other aspects of wholesome living into our lives here at Ahena Organic Farm. We, Oliver & Anna Dixon have developed and integrated the following activities…

  1. Natural Therapies in our custom built area for Counselling/ Psychotherapy, Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine and Quantum Bio-Feedback (SCIO). (See ‘Claremorris Natural Therapy Centre’ /tab)
  2. Social Farming with local service providers. We work in conjunction with Social Farming Ireland. (See ‘The Farm’ /tab)
  3. Art Portfolio of Anna O. Dixon. (See ‘Art Anna O. Dixon’ /tab)
  4. Meditation & Mindfulness and Art Classes here at Claremorris Natural Therapy Centre & locally. (See ‘Súlemahí Meditation Arts’/tab)

Sulémahí Meditation Arts

Sulémahi Meditation Arts :Long Cover

The Art of Mindful Living employs some simple strategies and wonderful grounding techniques for the management of modern day stress…

Oliver & Anna Dixon are trained professionals in the Art of Stress Management  in their chosen fields of natural health care. Anna facilitates the  Meditation & Mindfulness Classes in blocks of 8 weeks throughout the year. Each 2 hour class includes a mix of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy /MBCT Instruction, Some Simple Mantras, Visualisation, Breathing Exercises, Quantum Meditations as well as Personalised Dharma Art exercises.

Set Mindfulness Themed Classes will be run separately and are designed for further exploration of self. Using an integration of many ancient & modern philosophies with some CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) exercises these classes are for persons who are looking for more process in personal development which are only very lightly touched on in our regular class. Mindfulness also teaches a person the basics of meditation but uses many different variations including guided meditation to achieve its goals.

Anna O. Dixon has over 40 years experience of personal daily meditation. She is trained in many modalities and draws from practical experience to help her students get a strong practice that will suit their individual needs. She uses many Art forms to facilate the practice the Art of Meditation & Mindfulness in her day to day living. (personal inquiries to: ahenaorganicfarm@gmail.com )