Ahena Organic Farm is a space for…

The Arts of Knowing One Self

as above, so below

Inspired by the beauty of living in Nature…

And also having the practical ability to be discerning enough to to enjoy the moments of each day even when the sun has not managed even to peek through the grey overhanging canopy of cold, wet & damp spitting wind.

Talking about the Art of Mindful Living, this is it.

I am right here, right now, experiencing the moment which is as it is and not the way I am wishing it to be which takes me away from experiencing this moment as it is.

I feel the rush of longing, of fantasising a new creation, one that will fill my senses with a forward driving pleasure that is really me escaping my momentary experience of being inside the stillness of ‘now’. I become aware of my impulses to co-create and learn to stop and just be. 

Ahena Organic Farm

A place where we humans can aspire to learn to feel the contentment that so often eludes us with the everyday stresses of living. A virtual space here on the internet but also a terra-firm-a space on Mother Earth herself here in Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland. We overlook green fields, cattle, sheep, a couple of neighbouring farms, a few trees and the top of Croagh Patrick on a clear day. This is our home. We share it with others who come here to Claremorris Natural Therapy Centre where we see people fo a variety of reasons.

Daily Meditation, the practice of Mindfulness and the making of Art are simple activities where we may find our own natural internal rhythm that anchors us back in our own centre, grounded in awareness once more.

Seasonal walking in familiar surroundings, working with animals, gardening, rebuilding stone walls,  chopping wood and carrying water has a way of connecting our heart & minds back into reality, our own reality, the one that  feels real. 

Simple stuff, my friends, but making that space & time for ourselves becomes somewhat of a luxury when we loose touch with life by becoming too busy to catch up with ourselves. Here at Ahena Organic Farm, we are realists, and know the pressures of modern living but also know some pretty good solutions to counteract stress and bring the joy back into everyday living.